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Tips to Plan Your Essay from Start to Finish

Planning your essay is one of the most important things you can do as a student. Take it from experience. When you plan your essay, you get your thoughts in order, make sure you reference everything, and have the time to proofread afterwards.

But this planning doesn’t come easy to everyone. Here are my top five tips for planning your essay from start to finish.

Read the Question Before Doing the Reading

Your essay planning starts when you’re beginning your reading. You need to read all your notes and listen to your lectures with the question in mind. This helps to lay out your notes in a way that will help you with the essay.

This can be a difficult part. I’ve been lucky that I’ve had no exams. Every month I had an essay due, but it only involved the reading from that month. At the start, I would read the question and then only take notes that were relevant to that question.

If you have exams, you will need to think about notes that could be relevant to the exam. I would do one read through taking notes for the essay, and then a read through with notes for the exam. It takes longer, but keeps the two separate.

Note Down All Your References

Whenever you take notes that answer your essay question, note down your references. This is very important when you plan your essay.

You will need the references throughout, as well as at the end. It proves that you have not plagiarized something, and that you are developing your own arguments based on someone else’s findings.

It’s much easier to note the references down, along with page numbers, while doing the reading. You will limit the chances of losing a book or that exact sentence when it comes to formatting all your references at the end.

If you don’t want to take the notes, take photos of the books.

Create Your Essay Plan

  • You need to plan your essay on paper before you even think about writing it out. This needs to detail your introduction and conclusion, as well as the separate sections.
  • Try to go into as much detail as possible when planning out this essay. This about organizing your notes to make the writing part easier and much smoother.
  • When it comes to the conclusion, decide on the side of the argument you will take, and write the notes that will support that argument.

Make Sure Each Claim and Argument has Evidence

You need evidence to back up anything that you say. Planning your essay is the perfect time to make sure you have all this.

Whenever you make a note of a claim, go back to find the evidence that supports this. If you can’t find it while planning, what are the chances of finding it while you are writing? Highlight a claim that does not have evidence right now, so you remember to go back and find it.

Layout Your Essay With the Introduction

  • The introduction will take up about 10% of your word count. This is the part that lays out everything you will talk about in your essay, which is why your plan is so important. You will detail the question you are answering, and the pointers you will use to make that argument.
  • Use your introduction when you plan your essay. Think about it and the type of arguments you are going to make, or the evidence that you will use. It will help with the initial structure.
  • Remember your conclusion just brings all of that together, and clearly states the side of the argument that you are on.
  • Once you have your essay plan, it is time to get started writing. Give yourself enough time to write it out, proofread and make your edits. You don’t want to lose marks for late delivery.

What tips have you followed when you plan your essay? Feel free to share your secrets and the methods you rely on to get to the writing stage.