How come you’re not with Dissertation Outline yet?

A dissertation outline is as essential as the dissertation per se. The outline embodies and represents your future work, revealing its main features, emphasizing key points and presenting its potential as a scientific research. It shows perfectly well what kind of paper your dissertation is going to be. Hence you should get people interested in what you have to offer. It must be interesting, unique and apart from that it has to have some kind of attention grabber, a flair. Think thoroughly about the topic and the title. At the planning stage you have to concentrate first of all on the main components. Here are some tips which may help you to make your outline unforgettable.

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  1. Specify the key point of your work

So the first step is to decide what your dissertation is all about. You have to present what you are working at, highlight the primary aspects and elicit the purpose of your research.

  1. Proper structure is crucial for the accurate outline

Develop a good structure for your outline. It is of high importance that all parts of your dissertation are logically connected. You have to show, that your dissertation is not just fragmented topics united under one title, but that they are related and correspondent to each other. Don’t forget that the outline has to include such items, as introduction, main body, bibliography, assessment, conclusion and analysis.

  1. After finishing check it twice thoroughly

After completing proofread it very attentively. And it is worth making a few copies of the outline before submitting, just in case. In that way you will have a solid proof of your completed work.

  1. Always follow step by step your outline

Never forget to conduct your dissertation in line, because first of all they have to correspond and moreover, the outline is the base of the dissertation.

In which way can a sample of a dissertation outline be useful for you?

The example of an outline gives you the structure, to which to stick when working on your own outline. This sample will help you to avoid common mistakes and not to forget something vital for the outline. It serves as a guidance in order to form your own outline properly.

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Common Example of a Dissertation Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Targets, objects, purposes
  3. Basic information
  4. Lead-in to the problem
  5. Summarizing of the argument, hypothesis
  6. Literature review/ Questionnaire/ Requirements
  7. Background
  8. Evolvement of theories and current state
  9. How does this work correspond to the literature review?
  10. Methods of research
  11. Introduction into hypothesis
  12. Background
  13. Used methods
  14. Outcome
  15. Presenting and describing results
  16. Conclusions
  17. Summary of achievements
  18. Collation of targets with achievements
  19. Discoveries and contribution made by this paper
  20. Future development